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May 8th 2009 - Last update so far...

Foundry Darkest Africa

April 25th 2009

Foundry SYW von Kleist Freikorps Cavalry and Artillerist
March 08 2009
HLBS 40mm Cowboys
A week of Cowboys.

Latest Update: March 08
February 22th 2009

Day by Day Vikings units

February 08 2009
Foundry SYW von Kleist Freikorps

Just for a short time: The "going to Salute" special spring sale, all painted figures in the For Sale Section for 20 Euro each one regardless of price tag.

February 01 2009

Greatwar Miniatures 1914 Germans
January 24 2009

Foundry Napoleonic Swiss Regiment
November 26 2008
Redesign of the Artizan Thrilling Tales gallery including some new figures.

Udates at the "For Sale Section"
Various new figures.
November 13 2008

Wargames Foundry Darkest Africa colourfull Baluchi Mercenaries
Foundry Baluchi Mercenaries
September 22 2008
Some Gripping Beast Teutonic Knights.
September 04-16 2008

Artizan Panzergrenadier Platoon "day by day".
Artizandesigns Panzergrenadiere
August 24 2008

Pirates for our Legends of the High Seas Campaign and for ebay over the next few weeks.
Wargamesfoundry Pirates!
August 17 2008

El Cid Spanish and Andalusians by Gripping Beast..
GB Spanish  & Andalusians
August 12 2008

More Crusaderminiatures Vikings with a few additional Saxon figures and slightly enhanced LBM shield transfers and banner.
To the vikings
March 7 2008

Added a few pictures to the German WW2 gallery of Crusaderminiatures, especially some support weapons a nice big scenery shot featuring PAK 40 AT guns.

February 14 2008

As a gamer or collector you might be familiar with the fact that there are plans that follow you over years before they finally take shape. Two of this shadows that followed me for ages are a near futures gangwars project and to get a set of nice figures for playing Space Hulk. The Games Workshop Terminators and Genestealers never realy convinced me. With the arrival of the Horrorclix Aliens I not only managed to go back to Space Hulk but also combined it with doing some Colonial Marines to fight them. I used the EM4 Marines as test models for the paintsheme and plan to go for Copplestone ones for the real project in the future. What helped me a lot with the project was the extremely nice resin cast bases that Atenociti released in 2007. They save a lot of work making pavement or even scifi floor bases.
All the near future stuff also got a new website design under the name "Gangwars" at TAG-Web (The Adventure Gaming Web).
Go to Marines and Suits
Go to Aliens 

February 13 2008

Two new galleries featuring Boltactionminiatures WW2 British Paras and Fallschirmjäger for a Normandy setting game.
British Paras