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Dark Ages and Middle Ages

 Normans 1

 GB Moors and Berbers

Byzantines 1

Normans 2

GB Spanish  & Andalusians

 Byzantines 2

 Saxons 1

Crusaderminis El Cid Spanish   

Gripping Beast Teutonic Knights

Crusaderminis Vikings 1
Crusaderminis Vikings 2

 Artizan Moors and Berbers


18th & early 19th Century

SYW Austrians

 Woodland Indians 1

Napoleonic Bavarian

SYW Prussians 1

 Woodland Indians 2

Napoleonic French

 SYW Prussians 2


 Napoleonic Spanish

Foundry SYW von Kleist Freikorps


Napoleonic Swiss

 Crusaderminiatures Pirates!
 Artizandesigns Pirates!
Wargamesfoundry Pirates!


 19th Century



Darkest Africa:



 GH Werewolves

Artizan/ New Foundry Old West

 Foundry Baluchi Mercenaries

GH Die Bruderschaft

Foundry Old West (Copplestone)

Foundry Africa Expedition


Black Scorpion Old West


HLBS 40mm Cowboys






Early War Germany

   Renegade Miniatures Germans  
  Greatwar Miniatures Germans  
20th Century Adventure Gaming


Back of Beyond:

Jungle Adventure:

 Chaos in Cairo - Evil


 Explorers of the Amazon

 Chaos in Cairo - Good


Copplestone Gangster

 Free CiC Character Cards  

Lostworld Cavemen

The Mummy    


Chinese Warlord army:

 Chinese 1

Chinese 4

Thrilling Tales

Chinese 2

Chinese 5


Chinese 3

Chinese 6



  US Paras:




 US Paras

 Africa Rifle Sections

Artizandesigns Panzergrenadiere

US Para Terrain Shots

 Africa Support and Vehicles

DAK Rifle Sections

 US Para Painting Guide

Africa Commandos

Fallschirmjäger 1

 US Armour


Fallschirmjäger 2

 US Winter 44/45

 BAM British Paras

Crusaderminis Germans


BAM late war SS


WW2 Scenery shots

BAM Fallschirmjäger



Project X:


BAM Partizans  

 Projekt X




James Bond Mujahideen:


Science Fiction

All Girl Future Wars Gangs:

My gaming gangs:



Streetgirls 1

  Outlaw Trash

Marines and Suits

Streetgirls 2

 Assault Marines

Horrorclix Aliens repaints

Modern Cowgirls    

Female Marines


Corporate Babes




Wargods of Olympus

 WoA Anubi Warband 1

Wargods of Aegyptus (various)


WoA Anubi Warband 2



 My Girls


Misc Fantasy

 Viking Valkyries


Warhammer Empire:

 The Empire 1

 The Empire 2

 The Empire 3

Top Models
Viking Army